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Eee Pc 901 Ssd Upgrade


The 4GB is not soldered but it's a pain in the neck replacing it. The RunCore ProIV 64GB is nice but sold around 300U$D for slightly lower performance (125/90). and even at 135 EUR for 32GB... This is really easy. get redirected here

I supposed this was the "quick boot" option. The drawback of having a single 16 GB SSD is that I've to take care the system is reinstalled "as is" on the new 64GB SSD, but the good point is So be it. My newer machine has a dual-core, 4 threads CPU (N570) which behaves as if you had 4 cores... 2.

Eee Pc 901 Ssd Upgrade

Choose the linux (kernel 2.6) version because the BartPE one is impossible to make if you don't have a C:/i386 directory with Windows installation files, which is the case on the I then booted up the little monster to enter the BIOS setup again (F2 eugaine). Also, browsing through the user manual brings to your attention the section about "system restoration" : the companion DVD comes in with a factory configuration of Windows. 4.

  1. Applicable Systems This Windows-related knowledgebase article applies to the following operating systems: Windows XP (all editions) Windows Vista (all editions) Windows 7 (all editions) Windows 8 (all editions) Windows 8.1 (all
  2. This driver disk iso will supply you with all the very latest Asus Eee PC 904HD drivers as the driver disk iso update system will then also go on-line, update, replace
  3. The Eee PC 904HD graphics device driver can use the Intel mobile 915GM GMS 910GML express device.
  4. So take your CPU to his place and Usually they will charge a nominal fee for a CD. (last time it was $15 for me) The problem is that if you
  5. So you need to change disk.ReplyDeleteSilvioAugust 20, 2010 at 6:28 PMI followed the steps to the tee and soo far it looks like is going to work.
  6. The NeoSmart Support Forums, member-to-member technical support and troubleshooting.
  7. I have tried ejecting the disk and then putting it back into the cd drive, but still get the same message.

The Patriot 64GB was also a good candidate, but with prices ranging from 175 to 205 EUR (exists also in 32GB for 90 EUR ) Also, the SuperTalent 64GB which had Purpose topnext section Le problème : Purpose : Asus' eeePC 901 once came with two SSD : one of 4 GB and one of 12GB. Selected Hardware toppreviousnext section One word about the old model (4GB+12GB) : you simply can't upgrade the main 4GB SSD because if you pass it to 8GB then it won't Eee Pc 901 Specs For the SSD upgrade, I chose the most compatible and most performant-for-price model available (so, not a 128GB) : the 64G Sabertooth from Active Media Products.

As the eeePC has a BIOS enabling to boot from USB devices, it should be ok booting from my external optical drive. Eee Pc 901 Ssd Specs shipping 15.95$ (2.28$ on the envelope ;-) so it's finally 165.17 EUR for me. Old 16GB SSD, new 64GB SSD : Put the battery back in place ;-) and re-plug the external DVD drive and the USB key containing the partitions images in. I want to upgrade as fast as possible and lose the minimum of time reinstalling stuff, the optimum being no time lost reinstalling any thing.

Moreover, to access the 4GB SSD you've to open completely the eeePC (15 screws, dismantle the keyboard because they're below the keyboard, etc). Eee 901 Ssd I use it all day long, of course connected to a large secondary display and a true keyboard when in the office ;-) Also, it has SSD disks while newer models Moreover, the 901 had enhanced batteries which offer 10h autonomy (7h30 when working, 6h30 when consuming a lot of power) With its 9" screen (1024x600), it is the perfect netbook. I copied the partitions' images to an USB key (a 8GB key).

Eee Pc 901 Ssd Specs

Replace with the new 64GB SSD. The process on a 4GB+12GB is very well discussed here and there Now to the beef : the problem with my model is that it comes with a single 16 Eee Pc 901 Ssd Upgrade If it had 4GB+12GB, I could just have upgraded the 12GB to 64GB with no hassle. Asus Eee Pc 901 Hard Drive Upgrade If it breaks, then I've (3) the Asus provided restoration disk or I can at least (4) reinstall the 16GB SSD.

Having (1) the burnt restoration "rescue CD" in its USB optical disk drive, and (2) the partitions images on the USB key, I hope to be able to simply substitute the While you're at it, make sure the "boot device order" is set to be first the optical disk drive, then an other USB device, then only the "HDD" (The "HDD" is It's below the Patriot Lite in terms of performance for money. Let's now see if this is possible ;-) First, boot up the machine and go to the BIOS (press F2 to go to the AMI Bios) Then, in my updated Eee Pc 901 Windows 10

I now want to upgrade it to 64GB. With its dual-core(1) Atom 270 @ 1,6GHz, it's powerful enough for my day-to-day work (databases of dozens of millions rows, a webserver...) (1) 08/10/2011 remark : the Atom N270 is NOT This said, there is an addendum to the user guide which states that the "boot booster" must be taken off when upgrading the hardware. The Sabertooth should bring some more power to my nice eeePC ;-) Also, note that I already had upgraded the RAM to 2GB and it was night and day compared to

So it's a single-core, 2 threads CPU ; in the process manager it looks as if you had 2 cores, and upon useage it also behaves exactly like that. Eee Pc 901 Windows 7 The OCZ 64G are disqualified because they are in 110/51 MB/s ("up to", sustained = 25MB/s Write) even if not very expensive (190U$D). My single 16GB SSD is partitioned in C: and D: and it is containing the OS and all my installed programs and data.

The new SSD was recognized in the BIOS with no problem at all.

It is able to generate a bootable CD containing the restoration program, called the "rescue CD". The eeePC 901 was the last version (before the 1000H) which was offered with Windows OR linux (I took Windows because of external constraints) and it is also the last one Note that there is a PCIe3 expansion place (but no connector) on the mobo. Eee Pc 901 4gb Ssd Upgrade The mini PCIe SSD format is very difficult to find.

Because of an unrecoverable UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME critical (blue screen of death) Windows error. 1. no value for money. What should I do ? Official Documentation toppreviousnext section The official documentation says nothing about upgrading the machine, as usual.

The optical drive was of course set to boot first, and the Reflect software behaved as expected : it offered me all the USB devices, including the key with the partitions On my favourite websites in Europe (ldlc.com, pixmania.com, rueducommerce.com), I could find only those silly old devices at 14 MB/s Write speed... userType : G US sign in/register Shopping Cart ???ACCE_Region_Wish_List_Content??? Then shut down the machine, put it upside down (it's easier if you unplug the external DVD drive and the USB keys ;-), pull off the battery, and open the two

It already has 50 MB/s R, 31 MB/s W speeds (the 701 4GB SSD was at 22 MB/s R and a fast 7200rpm hard disk is at 55 MB/s, while the Note that I could find it at 220+27 U$D on mydigitaldiscount.com but I found the 27 U$D shipping quite an abuse just to cross the Atlantic. It was claiming to be able to restore the partitions' images to bigger partitions. Upgrading the 12GB SSD on that old model is recommended, as it is very slow (Phison SSD).

Then, back up your data. toppreviousnext section First, update your BIOS (the Asus nice updating program isn't running in the background). It's no longer the case with my 16GB SSD model ("Asus-JM S41 SSD"). no items in the wish list Upgrading the single SSD of an Asus eeePC 901 16G @14/02/2010 VGR Table of Contents Purpose Selected Hardware Official Documentation What should I do ?

After a bit of googling, I chose to give a try to Macrium's Reflect, in its free version. Tests Conclusion Here it is, at last : the article on how to change this eeePC for an other one, more powerful and even less expensive ;-) It's a 1015PX if That's why I of course copied over the C: and D: files to a network share, but also used a disk imaging software to restore the partitions "as are". On mydigitaldiscount.com, the 128 GB version is available at 400 U$D (roughly 276 EUR) so it's a lot more expensive given I've limited needs for 128GB space.

Screw back. This device has excellent Read/Write speeds (155 MB/s and 100MB/s) and I could buy it (thanks to the euro/dollar rate ;-) at 165 € About the various possibilities that I explored Upgraded for an SSD (415 MB/S) and better RAM. Now, my one-year old model [NB this was written on 14/02/2010] is a 16G with a single (and faster) 16 GB SSD.