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The option to enable/disable AMD Crossfireô technology logo may be missing on some system configurations from the" Gaming, Global Options" tab in Radeon Settings. With¬†VSR is enabled, you will see additional resolutions in the list that go beyond what your monitor would normally support. Topics 0 Good time to buy a low-profile 1050 Ti? A temporary workaround is to disable the AMD Gaming Evolved "In Game Overlay" [82789] Total War™: Rome II - Choppy gameplay may be experienced [84509] Gaming Evolved client does not initiate

ChiefZeke06-24-2015, 09:49 PMUpdated: amd-catalyst-15.6-beta-software-suite-win7-64bit-june22.exe and amd-catalyst-15.6-beta-software-suite-win8.1-64bit-june22.exe released ChiefZeke08-31-2015, 09:35 PMNew release at AMD amd-catalyst-15.8beta-64bit-win10-win8.1-win7-aug23.exe also 32bit version tranvinh1990qn09-14-2015, 07:45 AMI don't install 14.11 beta, you install 14.12. Best solution is to buy Intel Core i7 processor with Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 because it has 2,000 shaders which act more like a 5,000 cuda core GPU with more performance Every Radeon Software release strives to deliver new features, better performance and stability improvements. Edit 2: Get the black screen whenever I start a game. http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/280710-33-asus-driver-catalyst

Amd Catalyst

Total War: Warhammer™ may experience stuttering in AMD Crossfire™ technology mode if the AMD Gaming Evolved App or Plays.Tv is running in the background. I been poking around as some mention that I need to use the ASUS driver, the newest being 8.96 on 1/22/10. Footnotes About Us Newsroom Careers Corporate Responsibility Meet our CEO Investors Blogs ‚ÄčFacebook‚Äč Twitter LinkedIn ‚ÄčGoogle+‚Äč Pinterest‚Äč YouTube‚Äč Newsletter‚Äč‚Äč LinkedIn Newsletter‚Äč‚Äč ©2014 Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.7.3 Highlights Performance Improvements: Rise of the Tomb Raider™ performance increase up to 10% versus Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.7.2 on Radeon™ RX 480 graphics(1) Fixed Issues

  1. I get fine performance as it is and even more once I get my second 390x or 290 or whatever.
  2. Not sure if that'll work, not the fresh install but rather the monitor to mobo connection.
  3. Slobo11ifyJun 25, 2015, 3:19 AM acp1821 said: So just to update the situation, I removed my card connected to my mobo and used the newest DDU to uninstall.
  4. Is this any good?
  5. AMD HD 6570 amd is dead AMD is trying to cause more problems to their graphics cards because they are not good with graphics.
  6. That did that thing....
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  8. Dota™2 may crash when using the Vulkan™ API and the user changes resolutions or quality settings.

The option to enable/disable AMD Crossfire™ technology logo may be missing on some system configurations from the Gaming, Global Options tab in Radeon Settings. Frame Rate Target Control gaming profiles may fail to enable for some games. Every Radeon Software release strives to deliver new features, better performance and stability improvements. Some characters or game areas are rendered very dark in Hitman™ using AMD Crossfire technology mode.

SentineL_VDXi05-15-2015, 03:47 AM15.4.1 Beta is out on Guru3D.com ChiefZeke05-24-2015, 05:06 AMFor those running/testing Win10 Technical Preview - to update to Build 10122 you'll have to let Windows Update install the latest All that Asus has done is pull in the AMD drivers and slap their logo / installer on top of it. This 5K display¬†supports a massive a 5120×2880 screen resolution that makes a 4K panels 2840×2160 screen resolution look small. http://www.overclock.net/t/1508743/14-7-beta-vs-stable-version-of-catalyst Every Radeon Software release strives to deliver new features, better performance and stability improvements.

DiRT™ Rally may experience rain drop flickering in some races when using AMD Crossfire mode. Forza Motorsport 6: Apex™ may exhibit brightness flickering when using AMD FreeSync™ technology. If you have failed an overclock with a system hang or reboot make sure to use the "Reset" option in the Radeon WattMan settings page when the system has rebooted. Battlefield™ 4 may experience crashes when using Mantle.

Amd Driver

AMD Contour Removal If you don't have PowerDVD 14 you'll still get multimedia improvements thanks to a new Contour Removal feature that removes compression artifacts without disturbing video details. http://www.babeltechreviews.com/amds-omega-drivers-vs-beta-15-4-1-mini-performance-analysis/2/ I have no idea what the problem is. Amd Catalyst More impressively AMD was able to get 29% more performance with the Catalyst Omega drivers on the AMD A10 7850K APU than the initial Catalyst 14.2 drivers than when that processor Ddu Support For 24 Monitors With Eyefinity AMD Eyefinity launched with support for six displays and AMD has been slowing adding support for how many monitors a single system can support.

Package Contents The AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.4.1 Driver contains the following: AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.4.1 Driver Version 16.15.2211.1001. I see no point in posting any more information - users can find it for themselves if they're interested. He had drivers from AMD site and he was getting blue screens while gaming. If you are playing an older game title or a title that isn't killing your GPU you can most certainly give VSR a shot!

Ads are what have allowed this site to be maintained for the past 12 years. Register a new account Sign in Already have an account? As a workaround users are recommended to disable AMD Crossfire™ technology mode. Watch Now More Videos play_circle_filled Latest From Channel Super Fun: Stealing Taran's Car Prank Watch Now More Videos All Activity Home Community Member Reviews AMD Catalyst 15.11.1 Beta vs Crimson Edition

maxrealliti07-29-2016, 09:08 PMAMD Radeon Crimson driver 16.7.3 WHQL http://support.amd.com/en-us/kb-articles/Pages/Radeon-Software-Crimson-Edition-16-7-3-Release-Notes.aspx Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.7.3 Release Notes Article Number: RN-WIN-RADEONCRIMSON16.7.3 Added new RX 460/470 support now. A round of applause for zmuels debating skills!   On 10/14/2016 at 11:20 AM, Cla55ifi3xd said: So I sent Hilary a bunch of emails but she keeps deleting them.    On driver performance analysis drones evaluation evga featured filmmaking Fury X gtx 970 GTX 980 gtx 980 sli gtx 980 ti GTX 1060 GTX 1080 hacking hyperx IQ kingston maxwell nvidia overclocking

Need for Speed™ may experience flickering on some light sources in AMD Crossfire mode.

PC:FX8350Black-R9380-16GBDDR3-970GAMING Extra:1+3-PioneerDDJ-SX-G502+K30 No, i'm not trying to copy the Rockstar logo. ¬† share Link to post Share on other sites afyeung afyeung ¬†¬† Member 2,484 posts PC Aficionado Location: USA Posted Rocket League™ may experience flickering when in AMD Crossfire mode. Radeon Settings launch with Eyefinity profiles may sometimes not take effect after system has been rebooted for profiled games. My question is, in your experience am I not getting the most out of my card by not using the latest AMD drivers or am I asking for bugs by deviating

maxrealliti04-05-2016, 07:34 AMRadeon Software Crimson Edition 16.4.1 Highlights Support for: Quantum Break™ Upto 35% faster performance using Quantum Break™ on Radeon™ R9 Fury X than with Radeon™ Software Crimson Edition 16.3.2(1). Posted November 24, 2015 Where do you download the Crimson driver utility? A temporary workaround is to disable the AMD Gaming Evolved "In Game Overlay". Corruption in Hitman™ when using AMD Crossfire™ technology mode.

Problem is you can't get the most out of your card when you use those outdated drivers. I'm running a liquid cooled Asus Saber-tooth 990FX R2 board (FX8350 processor) with a Nvidia graphics card. I just went back to the old Asus rebranded driver until I can try and figure something else out. share Link to post Share on other sites Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account

SakkuraDec 31, 2014, 5:45 AM You may have to take your graphics card out to do that, many motherboards automatically disable the integrated graphics when a graphics card is installed.Hope you Pretty cool, huh? It is a Microsoft Windows problem, not AMD this time. After he installed drivers from ASUS site, blue screens were gone and he has no problems now.

If you wanted to run four AMD Radeon graphics cards in your system you can now power six displays off each card. A workaround is to disable the AMD Gaming Evolved and Plays.Tv applications. This allows users to toggle AMD Crossfire support globally "on" for supported games or "off" for all gaming profiles. After update it fell to 6.7 ūüôĀ I had to reinstall Zarroc I almost forgot.

This has NEVER happened with CCC b4.